High Quality Components

A Bellagio Spa is a place of pure relaxation. Nothing comes in the way of leaving the stress from a hard day behind. Our spas are designed and engineered to work whenever you want to use them. Only compents which are up to the task are used to create and outstanding spa experience.

Professional components are the basis for a professional and lasting spa experience. On this page we prepared an overview of our spas outstanding features and optional extras for you.

Product Highlichts

Pure Acylic

All Bellagio bathtubs and massage bathtubs are made of high quality acrylic material guaranteeing a long life span.

Air Bubble System

An arrangement of small air bubble jets integrated into the bottom of the tub creates a sparkling and soft massage experience.

Balboa® Control System

This spa features a state-of-the-art Balboa® control system integrating highest operating comfort and outstanding reliability.

Big Jets

Adjustable in direction and intensity big jets provide a targeted and effective massage experience.

Cluster Blaster Seats

Revolutionary seat design combining the best of a variaty of different massage jets for a relaxing massage for back, waist and legs.

LED ambient lighting

Bellagio's underwater LED ambientlighting system provides you with 7 different colors, from relaxing to stimulating.

Digital Control System

Activate the massage jets, enjoy the air bubble system, activate the LED system and other functions, all controlled with a fingertip.

Faithful Waterway Swim Jets

Equipped with Faithful Waterway swim jets this spa is the perfect place for your aquatic exercise.

ClearWater Filtration & UV Desinfection

Every Bellagio Spa and Swim Spa is equipped with a hightly effective filtration and UV desinfection system.

Comfort Headrest

Lean back and enjoy a great time. This bathtub is equipped with a comfort headrest. Design may vary, refer to image gallery.

Heating System

Molded to support your body in comfort. Effective hydromassage for neck, back, wrists, legs and feet. Air control and massage selectors within easy reach.

Underwater Lighting

Bellagio Spas are ready for use at any time of the day. The integrated underwater light creates the right atmosphere for every night session.

Acupuncture Jets

Bellagio's acupuncture jets provide a very focussed massage experience. Usually used for back and upper body areas.

Chromed Tigerfeet

Bringing back the charme of old days. This classical Bellagio soaking tub is equipped with chromed feet made from die-cast metal.


This bathtub is equipped with a waterfall faucet combining form and function.

River Waterway Swim Jets

Equipped with revolutionary River Waterway swim jets this spa is the perfect place for your aquatic exercise.

The product hightlights shown above represent an selection of features you can find on our spas as standard. Not all features are displayed here and not all features are available for every spa. Refer to the product description page of your chosen product to see which components are included in your desired spa.

Product Options

Free Standing Faucet

Complete your classical bathroom arrangement by adding a an elegant free standing faucet to your classical soaking tub.

Extended LED Mood Lighting

Bellagio Spas are a place of pure relaxation, the optional extended LED color lighting system lifts the spa sensation to the next level.

High Insulation Cover

Each Bellagio Spa comes with a cover. For cold environments an uprated highly insulating cover provides additional insulation.

CFC Insulation Foam

Bellagio Spas are designed to be used in all seasons and regions. This highly insulating additional layer of CFC foam has been designed for spa usage in very cold regions.

Heating System

The optional water heating system takes care of your water temperature. Lean back and relax without adding additional hot water.

Drainer System with Overflow

Upgrade your drainer to an overflow system, providing you with additional safety and comfort in classic style.

Ozone Desinfetion System

Bellagio massage bathtubs are all about relaxation. A state of the art ozone desinfection system effectively eliminates bacteria from the water.

Self-Cleaning System

Cleaning your massage bathtub has never been easier. All it takes is the touch of a button to activate the self-cleaning system.

Comfort Stairs

The optional comfort stairs guarantee convenient entry and exit during floor-standing spa installation.

HiFi System

The optional stereo HiFi system with innovative purpose-built pop-up speakers brings your favorite tunes right into your Bellagio Spa.

Thermostatic Faucet

A thermostatic faucet provides you with additional comfort and the safety of an integrated 38°C heat stop button.

TV & DVD System

Introducing our weatherproof TV/DVD system lets you enjoy the episodes of your favorite series from the most convenient place: your Bellagio Spa.

River Waterway Swim Jets

Equipped with revolutionary River Waterway swim jets this spa is the perfect place for your aquatic exercise.

Wooden Skirt

Customize your Bellagio massage bathtub by adding a wooden skirt. Different colors and wood grains are available.

Wooden Top

Upgrade your Bellagio massage bathtub with a wooden top cover. Choose from different colors and wood grains.

The product hightlights shown above represent an selection of options you can add to Bellagion Spas' standard configuration. Not all options are available for every items. Refer to the product description page to see which options are available for your desired spa.